The system administrator's office

Take a system administrator on the staff of the company - quite expensive and therefore not always cost-effective. Cooperating with Cyberkeeper you get at the disposal of the professional system administrator at any convenient work schedule at a bargain price!

This is beneficial

For example, for a small company with an average load to 42 hours of system administration in a month. Cyberkeeper give you specialist for 21,000 rubles. per month for every opportunity to work your schedule, while the costs of the staff specialist will be two-fold.

Full warranty for 1 year

Cyberkeeper warranty for all the work executed for a period of 1 year. If you have problems related to faulty installation or configuration of equipment our experts will solve the problem - and it will be completely free.
"Student", hired by the "gray" scheme Cyberkeeper System administrator on the staff
20000 — 30000 rubles 10000 — 40000 rubles 60000 — 70000 rubles

This professionally

We employ only qualified engineers with many years of professional activity. Cyberkeeper warranty for all manufactured on your hardware work. In the case of marriage, we will send an engineer to debug and free.

Quarter rate Half rate Full rate
Working days in a month 11 (a day) 11 or 22 22
Hours in the day 4 9 или 4,5 9
Antivirus free! + + +
25000 rubles 35000 rubles 55000 rubles


Doubt? There is an excellent way to ensure the competence of our staff. Fill out this form and send Cyberkeeper to your office network administrator for half the day. If the quality of the work you are satisfied, you can immediately enter into a contract - then your personal system administrator will be just the specialist.

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