Setting up a home network

Full warranty for 1 year

Cyberkeeper warranty for all the work executed for a period of 1 year. If you have problems related to faulty installation or configuration of equipment our experts will solve the problem - and it will be completely free.

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Do you have more than one computer at home? You want to use the Internet via a smartphone, tablet, e-book and other devices? Or just tired to pull the network cable?

There are a great way to make use of the Internet in the home comfortable: install wi-fi router and configure your devices to work with him. In this case, do not need any wires - all devices are connected to the Internet through your wireless home network.

Setting up a home network wi-fi (1 router) 1200 rubles
The radius of your wi-fi 1500-2800 rubles
Configuring Internet connection 400 rubles
Setting Yota / Wimax 700 rubles
Signal amplification Yota / Wimax от 3000 rubles
The minimum cost out of Moscow: 1290 rubles.
The Moscow region: 2490 rubles.