Design and installation of computer networks

We are engaged in development of plans and installation of computer networks, from simple and inexpensive solutions for small offices to complex information systems that integrate information among several remote offices.

The company employs only professional engineers, so we are responsible for the good quality of our work.

Full warranty for 1 year

Cyberkeeper warranty for all the work executed for a period of 1 year. If you have problems related to faulty installation or configuration of equipment our experts will solve the problem - and it will be completely free.

Development of technical specifications to plan implementation

Briefing, analysis and definition of the basic technical requirements 1 day
A preliminary audit of the introduction 2-3 hours
Development of technical specifications with the implementation plan 1 day

The total duration of the development of technical specifications - not more than two days - usually within days.

Installation of a computer network

Audit object implementation, procurement of equipment and supplies 1-2 days
Construction works and equipment installation 1-3 days
Fully compatible networks, computers and office equipment 1 day

Average duration of mounting network of 10 workstations - 1 day, 20 work stations - 2 days.


up to 10 computers (20m. trails) 10-20 computers (40m. trails) 20-30 computers (80m. trails)
4800 rubles 9000 rubles 16000 rubles

The quoted price does not include the cost of equipment and supplies. You can take them to the purchase itself (the full list is included in the specification), or entrust it to us - with a report on the commodity check.