Apple master classes

Cyberkeeper - a great help in case you want to learn how to professionally use computer equipment. Our experts will help you or your employees to understand the use of your computer and learn the software you need.

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    Master classes conducted by experts from our training center on-site to your home or office. If you are an experienced computer user, these workshops should be held consecutively.

    The base rate of the devices Apple (5:00) 2250 rubles
    The base rate of Internet users (4:00) 1800 rubles
    Work with word processors, printing (MacOS and / or iOS, 3:00) 1650 rubles
    Working with spreadsheet (MacOS and / or iOS, 2:00) 1200 rubles
    Basic Course by Apple 4 in 1 (14 hours, 2 days) 7000 rubles

    After the passage of the "Basic Course computer user 4 in 1" performed rapid testing. If a satisfactory result by a certificate from our training center.