Prevention and treatment of virus

Antivirus for free!

80% of the damage is due to a computer virus infection. Prevent costly repairs to be right now, installing antivirus software.

  • The cost of anti-virus manufacturers - from 1,200 to 2,500 rubles.
  • The cost of the license antivirus ESET NOD32, we - 890 rubles.
  • For any order from 2000 rubles - Antivirus for free!
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    If your computer does not function properly, gives outsiders notice or independently performs acts of questionable character - most likely it is infected with viruses. This is almost inevitable when you use the Internet, but you do not have antivirus software installed. We recommend a preventive diagnosis and immediately install antivirus software and, if necessary, firewall.

    Diagnosis and treatment of viruses 800 rubles
    Install and configure antivirus 800 rubles
    Installing and configuring the firewall 1800 rubles
    Removing popups 1200 rubles
    The minimum cost out of Moscow: 1290 rubles.
    The Moscow region: 2490 rubles.